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Congratulations to the incredibly brilliant
Jeremy Matters, Brian Donnelly and Karen Satlin!!!

We expect full reports of your adventures. Oh, and naturally we also expect you to WIN. No pressure! :)


Win a FREEEEE pair of CityRace tickets! ($70 value)

Have you been craving a little competitive challenge lately? Would you like to see sides of Los Angeles that you never knew existed? Are you as rabid a fan of The Amazing Race as I am? Oooh, today’s giveaway contest is right up your alley, my friend!!! But be forewarned, you’re going to have to put your thinking caps on to get these tickets… we aren’t about to make this easy for you. What kinda challenge would that be!? What would Phil Keoghan do? 

The first three people to e-mail the correct answers to all the questions after the jump will each win 2 tickets to CityRace Little Tokyo: Upside Downtown on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 10:00am. Contest ends September 12, or when 3 winners have been chosen, whichever comes first.

City Race

“Set out on a challenging 3-hour hunt through one of L.A.’s most diverse neighborhoods in this fun-filled CityRace Urban Adventure Hunt! Teams of 2 to 4 players use brainpower to crack codes, solve tricky puzzles, research little-known facts and more… all while racing against other teams to be first to the finish with the most correct answers. From the heart of downtown’s historic core to the “village” of Little Tokyo, this challenging hunt will take you through some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. You’ll discover some of the oldest – and newest – sites in downtown L.A. as you solve cryptic clues and brain-teasing puzzles in this iconic urban adventure through L.A.’s past, present and future. This hunt is challenging.




He was the first Japanese American artist to attain international prominence. He received The National Medal of Arts from President Reagan and for 20 years designed stage sets for famed choreographer Martha Graham. Born right here in Boyle Heights, he has only one public artwork in Los Angeles.

What is its title *AND* where exactly is it located?


Family owned and operated since 1903, this is the oldest business still in operation in Little Tokyo.

What is its specialty?


Three planes depart LAX, each traveling to a different one of Los Angeles’ Sister Cities. When they reach their destinations:  Flight 112 traveled 136 miles further than Flight 349. Flight 349 traveled 290 miles further than Flight 404.

Using the information found on a prominent Downtown LA route marker, list the destination city of each flight.


It’s Greek to us! To find the name of this Downtown L.A. Landmark, ask Polybius:



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