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[youtube][/youtube] First off, will people ever stop quoting this song? Yeah, it was catchy. But Dear World, please take a second to LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN THIS VIDEO. They wore clothing made out of tinfoil, for Chrissakes! (And while we’re at it… what was with the blackjack dealer visor?) Seriously, Dale Bozzio in the 80’s doesn’t exactly represent today’s average Angeleno and their pedestrian habits.

People DO walk here. There are great walking maps all over the web to prove it. And if you’re a fan of foot traffic, here’s a handy web tool: Walk Score. The site claims “Almost every city has walkable neighborhoods where it’s possible to live a car-lite lifestyle,” and as walking goes we actually have better weather and more to do than most places.

According to Walk Score, only 16% of Angelenos live in totally car-dependent neighborhoods, which are mainly residentially-locked places like Bel Air and Pacific Palisades. Walk Score‘s list of LA’s most walkable neighborhood is here, but you can plug in any address and the site will grade it based upon what’s within walking distance. Categories listed are: Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Movie Theaters, Schools, Parks, Libraries, Bookstores, Fitnes, Drug Stores, Hardware Stores and Clothing and Music. It actually listed things in my neighborhood I was totally oblivious to. Try it out… and from now on, if you are one of those people who “never walks in LA,” don’t blame it on some old song. Just admit that you’re either lazy or have simply forgotten how to relax enough to stop being in a hurry to get everywhere.

Oh, and one more thing… if you’re wearing clothing made out of tinfoil? For all concerned it’s probably best to continue to remain indoors if you don’t mind. Well, unless you’re wearing this… because of course that makes total sense.

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14 Responses to “RESOURCE – Walking in LA”

  1. Lou Brooks says:

    Missing Persons reminds me so much of The Tubes when they were at the top. There wasn’t another band like The Tubes… motorcycles and crucifixions on stage. They really delivered!

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  3. B7 says:

    I like that song!

  4. Kate says:

    Yeah, okay, except that two of the three neighborhoods Walk Score claims as the most walkable are downtown and Hollywood. You can, of course, walk in these places, if you plan to be back inside by sunset every night, or if you’re really dying to be mugged at knifepoint.

    • lynnster says:

      I lived in Hollywood for four years. I wasn’t once robbed at knifepoint. I think a lot of these things totally depend on what block and building you choose to live on, as well as how you conduct yourself. During my time in Hollywood I lived near awesome, non-knife wielding folk.

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  6. Erik G. says:

    Terry Bozzio, the drummer for Missing Persons and the writer of the song, was born and raised in San Francisco. His wife, the lead singer Dale Bozzio, was from Boston. So to them, one can see why late 1970’s L.A. appears to have been a place where no one walks, because back then gas, cars and insurance were cheap, traffic was light, and a lot of the walkable environments we know today did not exist.

    The US Festival in 1983, where the above video was filmed, lost $8 million and resulted in at least two deaths. But almost 30 years later, we still focus on those lyrics?

  7. Dan says:

    Nobody walks in L.A. It was true then, it’s still true.

    Re: the fashions. A lot of people were wearing tin foil then, just like a lot of people dress like Lady GaGa today. LOL! Get serious. I personally loved the plexi-glass cup bra she some times wore.

    • lynnster says:

      Well, I walk all the time and have a lot of friends who do. Depends on the person and where they spend their time.

      On your second point? Riiiiiight. LOTS of people dress like Lady Gaga!!! Yeah… all the time. I’m actually braiding my hair into a large brimmed hat as I type this. I swear.

  8. WriterChicky says:

    My husband and I bought a place in West Hollywood because we enjoy walking to restaurants and bars. We can walk to a ton of places on Melrose, Santa Monica Blvd., Sunset — and do all the time.

    Santa Monica is also very walk-able.

    In response to the person who claims people will be robbed if they dare to walk in Hollywood after sunset, it’s just a matter of being smart and aware — just like ANY other city.

  9. Laprincessa says:

    This is a fabulous collection of walking tours all over the city. I’d highly recommend it.,book-info/store,books/products_id,6816/title,City-Walk-Los-Angeles/

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