WEB – Angelyne 101, via Metafilter

angelyneThe first time you have a flesh and blood Angelyne sighting in the real world, it’s hard not to freeze and feel like you’re getting a glimpse of Bigfoot. Wow. She exists. And wow. She’s aging just like the rest of the world. And yet… inevitably she’s still standing near a pink Corvette. She’s still wearing tight pink clothing and heels. She may be the age of your grandmother, but she still has pink eyeshadow and big hair and seems to wear her sunglasses day and night. Say what you want about Angelyne, she’s one of the most consistent things in the entire landscape of Los Angeles and God bless her for that. Creepy though she may be to look at up close.

Don’t know who I’m talking about? Well, there was a huge post about her on Metafilter yesterday so check it out, it’ll tell you more than you ever needed to know. And if you think you *do* know who I’m talking about then take Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!‘s “How Well Do You Know Angelyne?” quiz and see how you do.

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  1. robert dean says:

    I see her often at the Albertsons in Los Feliz. My gf who just moved out to LA from Michigan thought she was one of those weird LA people she’s heard about and it was fun explaining that Angeline was a non-somebody Somebody.

    Yes she is LA’s Big Foot

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