UPDATE – HLA Martini Night at Musso & Frank

Since this is only our second little meet-up and our site has suddenly blown up on Facebook (almost 10,000 fans and growing!!!) it’s tricky to plan. The last meetup was around 20-25 people… and I’m not sure if this is going to be similar. In the future I will have to work out a reservation system, but we’re not there yet. My main concern at a place like Musso’s is if we reserve tables that stay empty and food-less, they’ll lose out on the income they would make from other diners and we definitely don’t want that! So here’s the plan… I’m reserving the very back three booths on the bar side of Musso’s. We will have nametags there for you so that we can all identify each other as friendly HLA people. As more people show up, we’ll just be playing it by ear if we need to expand to more tables. It may become a floating party… worse things could happen. Also be aware, if enough nice eating and drinking people show up, Musso’s may very well offer us discounts as a sign of their appreciation. Either way, let’s be on our best behavior to be great customers and show our support to this great Los Angeles institution!!!!

Cheers! See ya Thursday!

WHEN: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
WHERE: Musso & Frank, 6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
[youtube width=”590″ height=”420″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pEGNMxhtX0[/youtube] Musso & Frank

In *my* book,in Hollywood offers the best prohibition-era cocktails in town… so let’s get together and embrace “the depth beneath the shallow” of an old-school martini glass! Their gin martinis and sidecars are awesome!

LA Time Machines awarded Musso & Frank its top award: Best Restaurant in the World. “This is really not subject to debate – where else in the world can you find a place that combines so much history of the movies and TV, and Hollywood, including the history of many of the world’s greatest musicians, directors, actors and writers.  This in conjunction with great service (taking into account the unique and unparalleled personalities of the staff), a perfect “time machine” interior, nice and enlightened owners, and fantastic food.  A totally non-controversial decision!”

Parking in the back is pretty cheap with validation. Their food is good… it can get pricey if you order carelessly, but there are very reasonable options. How much you spend is entirely up to you. The bar can get busy and is not always the easiest place to strike up conversations with people, so we will be booking tables… look for us in the three booths at the back of the bar.

Photo above: Luis has been working at Musso & Frank since 1956! He’s smiling on the inside about this.old-mussos

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  1. Shuly Hirsch says:

    Hi Lynn
    I am out of town, but I really want to meet you.

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