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Although a bunch of enterprising UCLA law students recently helped to overturn that stupid ban on taco trucks in Los Angeles (THANK YOU!), there are some things that will never be the same again. It’s now the dawning of the age of Twittered food in Los Angeles. It all began when word leaked out that Kogi was twittering the locations of their Korean taco trucks to keep one step ahead of the kerfluffle with authorities. Public reaction was unprecedented… soon thanks to word of mouth, the excitement built up until people began lining up curbside for two hours just to get the chance to try a Kogi spicy pork slider. (Which, let me say from first hand experience, are definitely tasty. Perhaps not two hours standing on a curb worth of tasty, but tasty.)

Since Los Angeles is so big, we’re behind the food cart culture of cities like Portland. And we’re always a little bit behind New York, where twitter will lead you to Belgian waffles, red currant ice cream and a brazen guerilla coffee truck that parks outside of Starbucks (NICE!). But with the success of Kogi, we knew it had to be the beginning of a trend. So below is a listing of the current food vendors that are riding the twitter train, as well as tips on how to get Kogi without waiting in line forever. It makes perfect sense to me that with the economy the way it is and the overhead of a mobile restaurant being so low, this list will probably multiply soon. So keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if you discover any great ones we should know about.

Name: Kogi Taco Truck – the original Twitter food
Twitter Feed: @kogibbq
Specialty: I recommend the spicy pork slider. That was my favorite.
Tip: Get to the location at least a half hour ahead of the truck if possible. The line will start forming about 15 minutes prior to their arrival. If you get there any later, be prepared to wait a long time. HOWEVER… if you want to try their food but don’t want to wait in line? You can *always* order Kogi at The Alibi Room from 6pm to midnight on Mondays through Saturdays… no truck, no lines, no twitter. Voila.

Name: Calbi Barbeque
Twitter Feed: @calbibbq
Specialty: I’ve heard their beef kimchee tacos and quesadillas are good. I don’t know that I’m up for trying them, though… I’m not a big kimchee fan. So you’ll have to let me know and I’ll take your word for it.

Name: Don Chow Tacos
Twitter Feed: @donchowtacos
Specialty: Their web site says “Where Chinese and Mexican food get together.” In particular, they offer “chimales” which are Chinese-Mexican tamales stuffed with kung pao chicken or Chinese barbecue pork.

Name: Cool Haus
Twitter Feed: @coolhaus
Specialty: Tiny (2″ x 2″ x 1″) ice cream sandwiches with a foofy art school sensibility (I went to art school, so I can say that). They feature architecturally-themed flavor names like “Frank Behry,” “Mies Vanilla der Rohe” and “Mintimalism.”


4/20 – The latest addition to the mobile food craze: The cupcake van.

4/18 – Here’s a list as compiled by our friends at LAist that I was just made aware of… my googlefu was sleeping.

  • @nomnomtruck: Both LAist and LA Weekly have taken a look at this new Westside Vietnamese truck from some UCLA grads.
  • @locali: Locally conscious frozen sweets will be found on bicycle (err, icycle, hehe) via Twitter around town this summer.
  • @thefrankenstand: Veggie hot dogs, what more do you need to know? We love it!
  • @Green_Truck: This organic meal truck had the right idea when they started in early 2008, but GPS was not the way to go. Twitter was and now they’re on it.
  • @barbiesq: As they describe, a “rollin’ BBQ joint” from Hermosa Beach.
  • @letsbefrank: Another hot dog stand! This one with grass fed beef.
  • @bordergrill: A popular trendy Mexican themed restaurant hits the streets.
  • @Marked5: Torakku Beef, Katsu Pork, Chicken Curry?
  • @sprinklesmobile: At some point, cupcakes will come to you to make you fat.
  • @fishlips_sushi: Sushi on a truck. Actually and in general, sushi tastes really, really, really good when inebriated (if we remember, correctly).
  • @YuriTruck: Their Twitter account seems to be down so here’s their blog. They served sushi and rice bowls.


[youtube][/youtube]And in closing… for those of us who hate Twitter and want the young kids and their internet to get off of our lawn? Let me put it this way… would you rather these trucks advertise quietly online? Or would you prefer they rolled through your neighborhood blaring loud, horrific music that sounds like it was composed by Pennywise the Clown? (See video at left.)

See, sometimes progress is a good thing.

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