TIP – Best Driving Shortcuts

If you’re traveling to LAX any time soon, the Trip Films video below might be a lifesaver for you, so check it out.

There are also many more great driving tips to be found at MyTrafficShortcuts.com (11/09 UPDATE: WHOOPS. LOOKS LIKE THE SITE IS DOWN)… not just to help you get around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, but also if you find yourself stuck in that pesky bumper to bumper gridlock from Sharjah to Dubai. Because wow, that’s a bear, ya know what I mean? (Nah, I’ve never been there either.)

Have your own shortcuts? Leave them in the comments… we want to know too!!!

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  1. […] new A4 is rock solid at 100 mph), but the real trick was using one of the routes detailed in this Hidden Los Angeles video. Hope it helps.     Post a […]

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