3 FAVES – Beth Lapides

THE UNKNOWN ANGELENO column features three local tips and/or insights from random nice folks we meet during our daily travels. But today we don’t need no stinkin’ anonymity! Stand up and be proud, Los Angeles!

Name: Beth Lapides
Where we first met her: When she was hosting Uncabaret at the old Luna Park a million years ago. Ahhh, good times. (Although my eyeballs are still burning from some of those vintage Andy Dick appearances.) More currently, she’ll be performing her show 100% Happy 88% of the Time show at Writers Boot Camp on July 19.
Occupation:Author, yogi, teacher, and alternative comedy guru”
Why we chose her: She admits she has a big mouth, and we have that in common. So we like that! Okay, now let’s see what she has to say… (after the jump)


  1. The Bodhi Tree Used Bookstore
    8585 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood (310) 659-1733
    “There is a case that allowing for serendipity is in itself part of the spiritual path. The Bodhi Tree bookstore is a quiet – but not toooo quietplace – to see what strikes your fancy. I have found many books there that I wasn’t looking for that completely changed the way I saw the world. At a great price.”

  2. Shareen Vintage Clothing
    350 North Avenue 21, Downtown (323) 276-6226
    “Shareen is a former actress with an amazing eye and a feel for the special occasion, even if the special occasion is waking up in the AM! Her downtown loft is one part urban wilderness one part backstage and one part red carpet. No boys allowed, just girls, dressing and undressing amid racks and racks of finely chosen but really reasonably priced vintage. Shareen will tell you if something doesn’t look good on you and then go comb the racks herself. She also designs and one of my favorite publicity shots is in her red dress.”

  3. Guerilla Yoga $10 Drop-in Anusara Yoga Classes at the Hollywood Dance Center and Woman’s Club of Hollywood
    “Mark Holzman is a big-hearted anusara teacher who has kept this studio on the fly running for a few years. No props. No mats. No front door sign in. He has great subs when he’s on the road and the room is filled with yogis who have focused practices. There’s always a laugh and a hug.”
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