The L.A. Derby Dolls have found a new home!

Let’s hope the Derby Dolls are on a roll again…

In 2015 the beloved local roller derby team lost their Echo Park “Dolliseum” when it was demolished to make way for a 200-unit apartment complex, the Alexan South Echo. Then after holding matches in a new El Sereno location for about eighteen months, city officials decided clamp down on special event permits due in large part to concerns raised after the 2016 Ghost Ship fire in Oakland.

At the time, a statement on their GoFundMe page said: “While we are all deeply disappointed by this reality, the Board and the co-op voted in the best interest of the league and in doing so, have allowed us to take steps to find a location that is financially sustainable for years to come (and ideally already has proper permits in place). The most important thing is that we find a way to continue providing opportunities for women and girls to play this awesome and incredibly unique and empowering sport. We are beyond dedicated to this mission.”

They even made an incredibly funny video asking for help (scroll down).

The situation officially changed today, as it seems the Dolls have acquired “a new home to bring back hard-hitting roller derby action to the county of Los Angeles”:  a warehouse in Vernon to be specific (2661 E. 46th Street). The press release announced that “After a year and a half of fundraising and searching for the right location to accommodate their unique needs, Southern California’s premier banked track roller derby team has found a new facility in the City of Vernon. Vernon’s close proximity to DTLA and its commitment to developing community programs were important factors in the decision for the league. The alignment of LADD’s community service philosophy and Vernon’s promised support to its community offers avenues for future collaborative opportunities. Vernon’s uniquely business-friendly environment and the affordability of the properties made it a perfect match for The L.A. Derby Dolls.”

According to Carlos Fendino, the City Administrator:  “We are very happy and excited to welcome the Derby Dolls to Vernon. In the early 1900’s, Vernon was home to world championship boxing matches and even boasted its own minor league baseball team, The Vernon Tigers. It’s been a long time since Vernon played host to any spectator sports, but we think the Derby Dolls will be a great fit for us. Vernon aims to be a modern industrial city, and the Derby Dolls’ progressive and inclusive stance promoting female empowerment through sport aligns with our vision. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with The Derby Dolls.”

Derby Dolls matches are awfully fun to watch, so fingers crossed they can settle in and focus on skating for a while! If you’d like to donate to help make the new Dolliseum happen, click here!

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