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FLASHBACK – LA Doesn’t Need Rapid Transit, So Says Paul Lynde

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Los Angeles has had a tempestuous history with public transportation. This 1968 educational film starring actor/center square Paul Lynde and iconic Los Angeles newscaster Ralph Story was produced and distributed to libraries, schools and community groups by the Southern California Rapid Transit District in advance of a failed 1968 ballot initiative proposing a ½-cent sales tax that would go towards funding an 89-mile, five-corridor rail system (costing $2.5 billion). The bill was rejected by voters fifty-five percent to forty-five percent.

“Blame for the defeat was placed, officially on the public’s dislike of higher taxes, not hostility to rapid transit itself. Blame was probably shared by an antipathy to more taxation, and a general feeling, still prevalent, that Los Angeles was an autopian, decentralized garden city with no place for rail transit.”


PSA – Your Dog Is Cool

It’s been awfully hot lately, so this is just a little reminder… please leave your dog safely at home instead of in your car. A Stanford University study shows that even on comparatively cool days, such as 72 degrees, a car’s internal temperature will rocket to 116 degrees within 60 minutes. And contrary to rumor, keeping the windows open a crack hardly slows the rise at all.

Think the weather might be cool enough to risk leaving Spot for a little bit? Well before you leave the house, plug your zipcode into MY DOG IS to find out whether or not you’re right. Right now, you probably aren’t. Just know, accidentally sending your dog to heaven will send you directly to jail.

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