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BIG SIGH – Saving Clifton’s. And L.A.

cliftons2It feels like so many great things in Los Angeles are being killed by the economy. Paddle boats and lotus plants, film screenings, 80% of our parks, and now it looks like there’s a hint of trouble for historic, campground ambiance-filled purveyor of ambrosia salad for nearly 70 years, Clifton’s Cafeteria. Mind you, I still haven’t finished mourning Kelbo’s Coco Bowl… I just don’t think I can take much more.

This is such a scary time… in case you haven’t noticed, many wonderful things that surround us are being taken away like grains of sand – one by one – most never to return. Something needs to change about this trend, for anyone who actually believes closing parks and landmarks is for the good of a community isn’t thinking very hard about the reality. Many of the things that are disappearing have foundations that took multiple lifetimes to build… these things are our traditions and speaking for myself, the heart of our heritage. Without them, we become less. We lose identity… one grain of sand at a time.

By the time this run of closures is finished, there won’t be much to go outside for. Do we really want our children to never experience parks or art programs or a cafeteria filled with movie set decor modeled after the Santa Cruz Mountains circa 1935? Do we really want to be people who do nothing besides stare at iphones all day?

Not six months ago, The L.A. Times called Clifton’s “The place where L.A. finds itself.” If and when the kitschy goodness of Clifton’s disappears from our tangible landscape, we’re going to be even more lost than we are now. Moral of the story:  take notice of the things around you Los Angeles. Appreciate them NOW. Don’t take them for granted, they’re too important. And while it’s still there, please go check out Clifton’s if you haven’t… or even if you have. The food may not be on anyone’s diet, but that’s part of the charm. And before you leave Clifton’s, take a minute to go up to Clifton’s diorama chapel (created for owner Clifford Clifton by artist Einar Petersen) and say a little prayer for its future. Actually, throw another one in for ours while you’re at it.

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EDITORIAL – Why People Hate LA

[youtube][/youtube] 26 year-old Greg Insco‘s website begins, “The people that are crazy enough to change the world… DO.” Greg’s dream of changing the world? To be a contestant on Survivor. And knowing there was overwhelming competition to be noticed, Greg worked on a master plan… to walk directly from Cincinnati to the Survivor auditions being held at CBS in Santa Monica, more than 2,200 miles. The idea to make the journey on foot and hand deliver the tape first came from his best friend, Megan, who died more than two years ago. So as a tribute to her and his Tribal Council aspirations, he started his walk on April 9th youtubing and twittering the whole way. He arrived on Saturday. Along the way he didn’t lose faith… he was going to change the world and go to cast parties with Rudy Bosch come hell or painful blisters. He was going to follow the American dream and work hard… to get on a reality show.

Well, Greg made it to the auditions… (more…)