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EVENT – FREEEEE Books! And not as free tacos!


Low on cash but need something new to read?
Rather spend $$$ on a delicious taco?

bigbooks WHAT: Book Soup BOOK SWAP, sponsored by GoodReads and featuring the Kogi truck
WHEN: Saturday, August 15th, 1-4pm
WHERE: Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard

Here’s the scoop… you know how you have a bunch of books lying around that you’ll never read again? They’re just taking up space and getting dusty, so gather them up and take them over to Book Soup. Other people will do the same thing. There’s a good chance *they* might want some of your books and *you* might want some of theirs. Let the swapping begin. The Kogi Taco truck will be on hand too – so you can get a head start on reading your new books as you wait in a long line to eat some tasty spicy pork sliders! YUM.

TRENDS – Tweeted Treats

Although a bunch of enterprising UCLA law students recently helped to overturn that stupid ban on taco trucks in Los Angeles (THANK YOU!), there are some things that will never be the same again. It’s now the dawning of the age of Twittered food in Los Angeles. It all began when word leaked out that Kogi was twittering the locations of their Korean taco trucks to keep one step ahead of the kerfluffle with authorities. Public reaction was unprecedented… soon thanks to word of mouth, the excitement built up until people began lining up curbside for two hours just to get the chance to try a Kogi spicy pork slider. (Which, let me say from first hand experience, are definitely tasty. Perhaps not two hours standing on a curb worth of tasty, but tasty.)

Since Los Angeles is so big, we’re behind the food cart culture of cities like Portland. And we’re always a little bit behind New York, where twitter will lead you to Belgian waffles, red currant ice cream and a brazen guerilla coffee truck that parks outside of Starbucks (NICE!). But with the success of Kogi, we knew it had to be the beginning of a trend. So below is a listing of the current food vendors that are riding the twitter train, as well as tips on how to get Kogi without waiting in line forever. It makes perfect sense to me that with the economy the way it is and the overhead of a mobile restaurant being so low, this list will probably multiply soon. So keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if you discover any great ones we should know about. (more…)