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Hey folks, guess what we *finally* got off our butts and made, after a month of requests?


Wanna try it out and see if it works? That would be fantastic!
Here it is:

If just ten percent of our Facebook fans each gave us just five dollars, we could focus on Hidden Los Angeles full time and hire help while we write articles and plan events… so if over the last month you:

  • Have enjoyed articles on our web site;
  • Have enjoyed our Facebook pages;
  • Would like to read more of our posts in the future;
  • Plan to use our Facebook pages more in the future;
  • Would like us to stay free of icky advertising on both our site and Facebook pages;
  • Would like to see us create new events in the future;
  • Would like to see us create mobile apps in the future;
  • Would like to see our web site and Facebook pages become bigger and better long-term community resources for you in general;
  • or are simply in a friggin’ awesome and generous mood…

… basically, if any of those things apply to you we would be profoundly thankful if you would click on the logo above and help us out. :)

So far our efforts have been completely on top of our day jobs, free to the public and free of all advertising… but it’s awfully tough to pay rent and grow this site by paying with happy thoughts! We’re exhausted and desperately need your help to keep this heartfelt project moving forward now that our plans for it are becoming so much larger.

Stay tuned for updates on some of our future plans very soon!

EVENT – Avast! It’s Thursday Night Cocktails!!!

(Please RSVP there if you can so we know what to expect.)

WHEN: Thursday, February 25, 2010, 7:30-9:30pm
WHERE: HMS Bounty, 3357 Wilshire Blvd. (213) 385-7275

This week our HiddenLA soiree will be held at the ever-so-nautically-themed HMS Bounty on Wilshire! Ramon has been at the Bounty for over 40 years and especially in this crazy economy he’s looking very forward to our visit… so let’s be on our best behavior and PACK the joint! Where else in town can you sip cheap cocktails and munch on fried food while lounging in red leather booths bearing the names of impressive regulars from a long ago era… customers like Winston Churchill, William Randolph Hearst and Jack Webb? Nowhere else, that’s where!

Parking and historical information about the HMS Bounty after the jump.
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Be Mine, LA – A Valentine’s Cupcake From Us!

[dailymotion width=”590″ height=”420″][/dailymotion]

cupcakeWith this site going from 3,000 Facebook fans to now over 100,000 in a matter of days… I can honestly say I’ve never felt so much Valentine’s Day love flowing through this city my life. It suddenly hit me this morning… OUR HIDDEN LOS ANGELES FRIENDS COULDN’T FIT IN THE ROSE BOWL. Yeah, that was about when I had a nervous breakdown, and wished I would get off my butt to get all of you to give me a dollar. :)

Anyhoo, in honor of Valentine’s Day and as a very sincere thank you to our local fans in particular for their support, the very fabulous Vincent at the (very hidden!) Bluebird Cafe in Culver City has kindly offered to help us spread a little love your way. During the rest of February, if you walk into the Bluebird Cafe and tell Vincent that HiddenLA sent you, he’ll give you a free cupcake. Naturally I hope you’ll stay and have other food and maybe a glass of wine or something, but either way. Free cupcake. From us. Try the red velvet.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Los Angeles!!! WE LOVE YOU! :D


UPDATE – See y’all at 8pm at Musso & Frank!

Musso-Frank-MartinisTwo weeks ago we scheduled our first meetup at the Tonga Hut and 20 people showed up. It went so smoothly and was so fun that it was decided to hold a similar event every two weeks at a classic Los Angeles locale and another was scheduled for tonight at Musso & Frank. Originally figuring it would be another 20 people, last weekend I spoke to Musso’s about reserving a booth or two. Ha ha… that was so last week! On our Facebook invite alone we now have 54 people reserved to come and 54 maybes so those two booths would be a little crowded.

I don’t know how many people to truly expect, especially since a lot of people don’t have Facebook, but Jordan (the owner of Musso’s, who has been awesome!) and I have decided that we’re up for the challenge. Please bear with us if you show up and it gets crowded, we’re going to do everything we can to be ready for you. It’s just a strange situation, having our readership go up about 2,000% in one week. Not something that happens very often or that we were expecting.

Moral of the story, I hope to see you tonight. And if when you see me I look a little tired… well, just bear with me. It’s been a crazy week.

WHEN: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 8pm – 10pm
WHERE: Musso & Frank, 6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA  (more…)

WOW. What a crazy week.

To quote my friend Dennis, “This city just got a lot smaller.”

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Our site was down overnight, sorry. But it’s your fault so please bear with me while I ramble for a moment here. We had so many visitors yesterday that it crashed the server and everything had to be migrated elsewhere. It blows my mind. I can’t say I expected this week… I mean, I’d hoped one day this site would catch on and a little LA love would be spread, but I truly underestimated just how starved many Angelenos have become to focus on the positive around them and explore the deeper details about where they live and/or grew up. I’ll admit, this week’s turn of events have put me in a bit of an emotional daze… and since I’m on super tight deadlines for my day job right now, I was already a bit dizzy. (more…)

REMINDER- Join Us On Tiki Thursday!

We’ve surpassed 2,000 Facebook Fans in 6 months! Time to celebrate!!!

A little reminder… this Thursday night our first HiddenLA meetup will be happenin’ at the hukilau-riffic Tonga Hut on Victory near Coldwater! YAY! Swing by for a mai tai with us!

NOTE: Happy hour lasts until 8pm: $3 well drinks and $2 domestic beer! BUUUUT… the Tonga Hut will *also* be offering up extra HiddenLA food and drink shot specials! WOO HOO!!!!


Aaaaand here’s a little music video to getcha in the mood. Come…! to…! the tiki room…![youtube width=”590″ height=”420″][/youtube] (more…)