SURVEY – How are we doing?

It’s just a *little* test. It won’t hurt a bit, we promise.

©USC Digital Archive This week we’re trying to really weigh how we’ve been doing so far with HiddenLA and set up goals for where we should be heading in the future to make it a better resource for you. 

It would make us absolutely GIDDY (plus be incredibly helpful) if you could take a moment to fill out a quick survey and let us know your thoughts.

This site is for you, so we need your help. Pretty please? :)

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2 Responses to “SURVEY – How are we doing?”

  1. Donna McCusker says:

    Just found your website and I love it. I am a native californian and some these things I did not know about. Thanks

  2. Mark M. says:

    This site is so cool – great writing, funny approach – great imagery, and just overall a very cool, quirky take on a great city that is too often maligned. Yes, we are weird, and there are probably more kooks per cubic foot than anywhere else, but thats part of the fun, and there’s lotsa great people in LA, and very cool things to do. Viva Hidden LA!

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