SERIES – Harry Golden: Real Estate

PART THREE: Excerpted from “Los Angeles, Los Angeles” by Harry Golden, circa 1960. harry_small

“What this frontier (Los Angeles) substitutes for the six-shooter is the real-estate advertisement. All of the daily papers carry from twenty to thirty pages of classified realty. This is the greatest mobility in all history within a single community. A welder from Akron moves into a $14,000 house and a month later finds he can sell it for $17,000, which he does, and finds himself a second home to live in for $15,000. He probably even has a charge account at all the newspapers’ classified advertising departments – “For Rent,” “For Sale,” “Want to Buy.” Six hundred people come into the city every day. The welder has no trouble.”

THOUGHTS: Okay, so clearly 1960 was a LONG TIME AGO.

COMING SOON… PART FOUR: Harry Golden on LA and Religion

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