SERIES – Harry Golden: L.A. and Religion

PART FOUR: Excerpted from “Los Angeles, Los Angeles” by Harry Golden, circa 1960. harry_small

“On the old frontier there were fortune tellers by the dozens. In Los Angeles, by actual count, there are one hundred and twenty-eight different religious sects, all of them going strong. Rosicrucian crosses line the hillside, and there are neon lights which proclaim the tabernacles of dozens of obscure sects and fellowships.  There are also innumerable faith healers. Los Angeles is the only place in the world where a Jewish convert urges you to become a Buddhist. In addition there are thousands of people in Los Angeles who talk to the dead. Tables rock and furniture is shifted mysteriously and ectoplasm suddenly materializes. For spiritualists as well as for healers the world over, Los Angeles is the happy hunting ground.”

THOUGHTS: Some things haven’t changed.

COMING SOON… PART FIVE: Harry Golden on LA’s Cemeteries

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