SERIES – On Skid Row: Part Four, God

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Los Angeles’ homeless community isn’t exactly hidden, yet poverty is a particularly easy issue to ignore as we go about our busy days, driving through the city streets at high speeds worrying about our own problems. I hope you’ll stop and take a minute to watch these short films from 2008. Especially in this economy, there but by the grace of God go us all.

Journalist Sam Slovick posted a comment for us after we featured part one on HiddenLA:

“Thanks for posting my skid row doc series. Sadly not a lot has changed since I made it. I’m about to shoot another as a companion piece to a story for the launch of the new SLAKE magazine. This one will consider home as an internal condition, as apposed to a geography through the lens of some decidedly disenfranchised people who have found themselves fallen deep between the cracks on skid row in L.A.”

[youtube width=”590″ height=”420″][/youtube]

DESCRIPTION: Part 4: Union Rescue Mission’s Orland Ward and Skid Row preacher Pastor Jeffery Thomas reveal the role of God on Skid Row. Alongside Skid Row’s hustlers, transients, and cops are a lesser known population of children, social servants and religious workers whose daily lives play out on LA’s most dangerous city blocks.

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5 Responses to “SERIES – On Skid Row: Part Four, God”

  1. Veronica G says:

    Your film series really touched me. I live in Los Angeles, and I always knew there was a skid row, and that there was tragedies there. But watching this series was a real eye opener because it exposed these tragedies in a very raw manner. I felt like I was there, on the other side of the road, watching all of this happen as you were watching. This film inspires me to help the people of Skid Row. Every time you mentioned The Financial District right down the street really got me because it really drew the nail through that the people right down the street, who collectively hold well over a billion dollars, can really make a difference. Yet, nothing has really been done. These people are still dying, with no way out.

  2. Karen S. says:

    I know Orlando very very well….I know the area very well…
    Thank you for your work.

  3. Ending puppy mills and other types of animal neglect is very important to me.

  4. Bronson says:

    The ability to hope, to believe in the unbelievable, I will always stand in awe, that it can create positive change that is beyond measure.

  5. Занятно пишете, жизненно. Все-таки, для того, чтобы делать по-настоящему интересный блог, нужно не только сообщать о чем-то, но и делать это в интересной форме:)

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