SERIES – On Skid Row: Part Three, Drugs

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Los Angeles’ homeless community isn’t exactly hidden, yet poverty is a particularly easy issue to ignore as we go about our busy days, driving through the city streets at high speeds worrying about our own problems. I hope you’ll stop and take a minute to watch these short films from 2008. Especially in this economy, there but by the grace of God go us all.

Journalist Sam Slovick posted a comment for us after we featured part one on HiddenLA:

“Thanks for posting my skid row doc series. Sadly not a lot has changed since I made it. I’m about to shoot another as a companion piece to a story for the launch of the new SLAKE magazine. This one will consider home as an internal condition, as apposed to a geography through the lens of some decidedly disenfranchised people who have found themselves fallen deep between the cracks on skid row in L.A.”

[youtube width=”590″ height=”420″][/youtube]

DESCRIPTION: Part 3: Two sides of the same coin: Super Dope cop, Commander Andrew Smith from Central Division lays down the law, plus former Skid Row crack dealers, gutter rappers Choc Nitty and Six Reasons from the infamous Snowman Cliq, come correct. Alongside Skid Row’s hustlers, transients, and cops are a lesser known population of children, social servants and religious workers whose daily lives play out on LA’s most dangerous city blocks.

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