RESOURCE – 99 Essential LA Dining Experiences

terri_staff01Each year, Jonathan Gold (food critic for the LA Weekly) compiles his list of “99 Essential L.A. Restaurants.” This year, classic standbys like Musso & Frank’s and Campanile are still there… but with the fall of the economy and the rise of the “twitter truck,” there’s no need to give up your first born for luxury table reservations to find a good meal nowadays. For some of this city’s top food experiences all you need is internet access, a sense of adventure, and the patience to stand in line on a street corner with other hungry strangers.

“As we’ve said before, an essential restaurant is one that reflects Los Angeles in a startling and unusual way, that uses fresh local ingredients in a fashion that respects the land in which they were grown, that showcases cooking echoing both foreign-trained chefs’ region of origin and the hypercharged mosaic of the L.A. dining scene. An essential restaurant moves people, inspires them to think about food in a different way, inspires them to think about Southern California as a great agricultural region, a great port, a builder of the shiny symbolism that is a large factor in how the rest of the world thinks of itself. And it’s also a damned good place to eat.”

San Franciscans enjoy telling me differently, but there’s a lot of great food in this town. Let’s just keep that little secret to ourselves, shall we? ;)
old musso's

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