QUIZ – What Lies Beneath? #1

A few of you got it! Nice shootin’, Tex! The answer is after the jump. :)

quiz Okay, we’re going to try a new game. Here’s how it goes… first we’ll give you a location (see below). Now, it’s been widely stated that something (or someone) *very* notable once happened (or lived) within yards of the exact point shown on the map.

Within 24 hours we’ll give you the full details… but just to be sadistic and challenge you, we’re going to give you a little time to guess what we’re referring to first. And don’t you dare go cheating by googling the address. That’s not fair!!!

Happy guessing!

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Okay, here goes. The cul de sac shown directly below was once the location of (drum roll please)

wyatt map
wyatt-in-chair… the bungalow where one-time frontiersman, prospector, saloon-keeper, gambler and famous lawman Wyatt Earp, principal survivor of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, spent the last days of his life with his common-law wife Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp (“Sadie”). Earp died on the property on January 13, 1929 at the surprisingly ripe old age of 80. The photo at right is said to have been taken on the property shortly before his death.

As documented by the West Adams Historical Association:

“Josephine described the next part of their lives, from 1901 to Wyatt’s death in 1929, as “our happiest years together”… She said of those days, “We would wander over the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and California with a camping outfit during the pleasant fall, winter and spring months…

“They generally spent the hot summer months in Los Angeles, where they rented various small houses, the last of which was the house at 4004 W. 17th Street in West Adams.

“In the early 1920s Wyatt tried to get the silent film industry to take up his story. He became friends with early Western stars William S. Hart and Tom Mix, and in several letters suggested that Hart use Wyatt’s biography as the basis of a film…

“Wyatt Earp died at the house on 17th Street on January 13, 1929. William S. Hart served as a pallbearer and Western actor Tom Mix attended, as did many of the old timers from Tombstone, the Klondike, and the Nevada and Whipple Mountain mining camps. A lengthy obituary in the Los Angeles Times said in part, “it was like a reunion of the sturdy men and women who knew Wyatt as a wiry, six-foot, two-gun officer of the law in mining town, cow camp and almost anywhere along the frontier where trouble was apt to pop loose.”…

“Josephine arranged to have Wyatt buried in the Hills of Eternity Jewish cemetery in Colma, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time of her death in 1944 she was living at 1812 W. 48th Street in South Los Angeles.

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31 Responses to “QUIZ – What Lies Beneath? #1”

  1. Matt says:

    I was gonna say that this was the site where the Black Dhalia was found, but that was further south, near Crenshaw and Vernon. So….you have me stumped!

  2. Alissa says:

    I live in West Adams! Was this where Wyatt Earp used to live?

  3. Mandy says:

    Might be Black Dahlia- I thought it was Norton and 34th but I could be wrong…

  4. Ycats says:

    Is this where Marvin Gaye’s parents lived, and he was shot?

  5. Dan says:

    I know Wyatt Earp lived around there. Wasn’t he a lifeguard in Santa Monica?

  6. therese says:

    the rodney king los angeles riots.

  7. melody says:

    hotel where JF Kennedy’s brother was shot?

    • hustlerose says:

      no, that’s at the ambassador hotel close to wilshire blvd. i believe they tore it down in 2005 to put some LAUSD building there. they shot the movie bobby in an old abandoned hotel up the street on the edge of alvarado park. pretty cool building.. they only use it to shoot movies in now. i lived across the street at the time and we could see them shooting it out front.

      • lynnster says:

        Right, Bobby Kennedy was shot in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire, which was once located right across the street from the HMS Bounty… the restaurant/bar where we had our most recent HiddenLA cocktail night.

  8. Mike says:

    House where Wyatt Earp died.

  9. Joelle says:

    Thought it was the Rodney King site but that can’t be right…can it?

  10. RFGS says:

    Marion Parker’s abduction?

  11. Wendy H. says:

    Site of discovery of Black Dahlia murder victim’s remains.

  12. Janna says:

    black dahlia is actually S. Norton Ave and 39th Street.

  13. Escott says:

    Great story! I love how the folks here who were wrong were all guessing violence and murders, and it was actually a gunslinger who died peacefully of old age!

  14. trippjones says:

    there was just a story on him on PBS’ “American Experience” I don’t think it mentioned this; I lived in Newhall and knew he was friends with Wm S Hart it’s documented when you see Bill’s Mansion up there.

  15. Cat M says:

    SUPER COOL!!!! I love this new game!

  16. Conal says:

    I knew he died in LA but in a general way. It is cool to have the actual location. Makes it and him more real.

  17. Dan says:

    Any idea why his wife had him buried in a Jewish cemetery?

  18. Mark says:

    Earp also ran several brothels in his early days, before he became a prominent lawman in Tombstone. There is an excellent PBS documentary which I think is still available to watch on http://www.pbs.org – American Experience…

  19. ghowierd says:

    Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish cemetery??? What’s the story on that? Thought you had to be Jewish.

    • lynnster says:

      According to JewishJournal.com, Wyatt Earp’s wife was Jewish but he wasn’t.

      “Wyatt and Josephine spent nearly 50 years together, moving around the West. Despite her claim that they were married, no record of the marriage has been found. At one point they operated a saloon in Nome, Ala., during the Klondike gold rush. Ultimately they settled in Los Angeles, where Wyatt hoped to cash in on his experiences through the movie industry, but it never happened… “Wyatt’s family were almost all gone and we had no children. My only home was where my parents rest. So I took Wyatt’s ashes to San Francisco,” Josephine Earp wrote about her husband’s burial.”

  20. Patrick says:

    He was buried in a Jewish cemetery in Colma—was Wyatt Earp Jewish?

  21. CHris says:

    Wow… looking at Old Pics there were some Nice area’s back then. The West Adams is still nice in Parts… where the restored homes area 48th St….NOPE 39th Norton Oh My down the street from one of my Offices… we should get some Then and Now pics

  22. Patrice says:

    Interesting. Was Wyatt Earp Jewish?

  23. Michael says:


    Send more please. :-)

  24. Rob Moore says:

    I live in that neighborhood. The signs around it (Venice to Washington, Arlington to Crenshaw) say its called “Arlington Heights” I always figured west adams was closer to USC.

    haha all these different neighborhood names can be confusing!

  25. Myke Z says:

    Nice one. I drive right by there all the time. Now I know something new.

  26. Miguel says:

    His real name was Erpstein!

  27. Ken says:

    I thought Wyatt Earp lived San Bernardino? maybe I was thinking someone else.

    The Whole story of the OK corral is very small in comparasion to the stuff
    that went on in Pioche, Nevada.

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