PART 3 – Robert Kennedy

SERIES: Visions of the Ambassador

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On June 4th, 1968, Robert Kennedy was confident he had just clinched the Democratic primary. He was set to be the next President of the United States, and with his leadership would come change. Kennedy was one of the first leaders of his stature and background to forcefully inspire and include people of all ages and colors, his goal being to create a better nation that would stand together and end racial and economic injustice. Having together witnessed the losses of Kennedy’s brother and Martin Luther King, Jr., many Americans recognized and embraced his urgent passion as genuine, and saw his dreams of change as their own.

Although Bobby Kennedy was staying on the fifth floor of the (now renovated) Sportsman’s Lodge, his political base in Los Angeles was the Royal Suite in the Ambassador Hotel. Kennedy’s last speech was held in the Ambassador’s Embassy Room, and he was fatally shot as he exited through the kitchen.

The first video above was taken from the funeral train which carried Kennedy’s body. Along the entire path of the train’s journey, Americans from every imaginable walk of life gathered together along the tracks to say goodbye to the man who had embodied their hopes and dreams… and was taken from them.

After the jump, photos of the man convicted for the murder of Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, then and in 2008. (Click on thumbnails for larger views.)
sirhan 1968sirhan 2008

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3 Responses to “PART 3 – Robert Kennedy”

  1. lynnster says:

    Even though it happened before my time, the first video of the funeral train will always make me cry.

  2. Susan says:

    An American hero. Also, one of his pall bearers, Allard K. Lowenstein.

  3. Bradley G. Barnett says:

    We lost something when Robert F. Kennedy died that has never been replaced! He was the last leader we had that offered a solution to the problems facing America,in the late sixties.

    More than just his life was lost though. Trust in our institutions and trust in government officials disappeared after RFK died. Our people,whether you supported RFK or not,KNOW that something,part of the fabric of american society,that immortal design that made this country,at it’s best,a magical place to fulfill dreams,had been forever lost!

    This period of time,this period of unprecedented promise will return because our constitution,by it’s very nature allows it,but trust in government and our leaders may never be the same.

    The election of a black man is a wonderful example of the resiliency of american government and our system,and we are fortunate to have a man of genius as our President.

    JFK and RFK are gone. I pray to God that we may one day be blessed with men who dared to dream and who turned dreams into reality.

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