PART 1 – The Ambassador Hotel 101

SERIES: Visions of the Ambassador

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ambassadorI’m aware that many readers may not know much about the topic, so here’s a short film explaining the beginnings, the importance, and the demolition of The Ambassador Hotel to start our series on this lost landmark. It features a great narration by Cindy Olnick of the LA Conservancy which helps to explain just how important the Ambassador Hotel’s existence was (and still is) for our community.

Running time: 15 minutes, 40 seconds

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3 Responses to “PART 1 – The Ambassador Hotel 101”

  1. christine says:

    My heart was broken when they demolished the Ambassador Hotel.My father performed at the Coconut Grove. I remember how exciting it was to see ” The Wiere Brothers”( google them).Diner and a show. I often would go with daddy to see friends perform. When I was older I discoed at the “Grove” nightclub.My memories of childhood are disappearing.Another heartbreak was “The Brown Derby.”

  2. Mary says:

    The only time I visited the Ambassador was the night of the CA primary as a very proud Orange County worker of the Robert Kennedy Campaign. We went to celebrate and hear him speak after the count came in from the votes. I was young and idealistic and knew the world was going to be better because we had the right canidate. I was pregnate with my first child and Ethyl was also with what was to be her last. I was fortunate to shake his hand three times that weekend. The room he spoke in was full so our group was in another ballroom and we watched on a tv screen. We were told that he would come to speak to our group also but he never made it past that kitchen when his life was taken. It seems like yesterday but my son as his daughter are now 41. The did announce to our room that he had been shot and we were able to leave before the Hotel was locked down. It went from the happiest to the saddest day of my life. I could never return to the Hotel. With all the wonderful History I was relieved to see it go away.

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