MATINEE – Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles

After the jump, a really great 30 minute long documentary (shown in 3 parts) about iconic author Raymond Chandler‘s take on the corruption of Los Angeles in the 1930s… a paradise infiltrated by dope fiends, smut peddlers, schemers in low places and high, crooked cops and crooked politicians…
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Raymond ChandlerAnd here’s something you might not have known… I’ll bet you’ve passed The Cahuenga Building in Hollywood a million times and not thought twice about it… but the six-story structure erected by John and Donald Parkinson (they also built Bullock’s Wilshire and the Santa Monica City Hall) was once the tallest building on the Boulevard and the high-profile home for L.A.’s best-known fictional private detective. Cynical gumshoe Philip Marlowe‘s office was located on the top floor in Suite #615 and it’s for this very reason that the building’s intersection was officially named after his creator, author Raymond Chandler. Interested in checking the building out? Well you’ll soon be able to spend the night… it’s currently being turned into a boutique hotel.

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8 Responses to “MATINEE – Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles”

  1. KimS says:

    Im always so amazed to see folks who used to live in places like boyle hights. As long as Ive lived in LA that has been a less than desirable area. Id be curious to know when and how these areas turned south.

    Wonderful find and videos. Thanks for sharing. Good old Philip marlowe. To think he was real.

  2. Janelle Sadler says:

    Loved this video..I enjoy the old footage of LA…Thanks for posting this interesting tidbit!

  3. lynnster says:

    I just noticed something… in every photo of Harry (the PI) after he was injured in the car bomb, he has a cigarette in his hand. When they’re carrying him on a stretcher and even while doctors are operating on his leg… every single photo… the guy could be dying and in horrible pain, but he still had his smoke on.

  4. Love Mac says:

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  5. valtrex says:

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  6. risperdal says:

    through, and realized that he could not stop halfway. He was aghast at

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