JULY 4TH – Eating Doritos for My Country

©USC Digital Archive Still no plans for July 4th? I’m with ya. So much to do, so many possibilities, yet I always just end up sitting in a backyard somewhere eating too many Doritos. While I’m definitely an America Lover, I’ll be honest, the 4th isn’t really my fave holiday so who am I to tell you what’s best to do for it? I’d rather just open up your scope of possibility by giving a few links (see after the jump) to other people who will tell you where to haul your patriotic butt. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and eat my Doritos. Fair enough? My only request is that you avoid going to see craggy ol’ John Fogerty at the Hollywood Bowl, as he is my arch nemesis. Long story.

Okay kids, all together now… Ooooh! Aaaaaah!
Flavorpill | Metromix | LA Weekly | EyeSpyLA
Discover Los Angeles | LA Parent | Citysearch
Dig Lounge | About.com | LA Fire Department
(Bad links corrected 7/3 – sorry! I blame my holiday apathy.)

IMAGE: The USC Digital Archive contains tens of thousands of great images of historic Los Angeles. Go check out the site and you’ll be entertained for hours.

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