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As it’s a gorgeous day outside, my friend Geraldine and I will be observing interesting people and sights during a lazy Sunday wander through the indisputably historic Beverly Hills Hotel. Hell, we’ll probably even enjoy a cocktail/nosh at the Polo Lounge and hang out until we just can’t take the color combinations of pink and green any longer. Because that’s how we roll. We’re rogues.

Anyhoooo, the image below is what Hotel California looked like in 1920. If you look, you’ll see that this view is from Will Rogers’ Park (land which singer George Michaels is now banned from stepping foot on) overlooking Sunset Boulevard.

After the jump is another little treat… something we probably won’t ever see in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel ever again. Take a look at where the streetcar is located on the left side of the landscape photo below… that’s the exact location where the next image was captured some years later.©USC Digital Archive

Photograph of an exterior view of the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1920. A lavish courtyard is pictured in the foreground, with steps leading up to its paved walkway, which is lined to either side by palm trees. Several auxiliary walkways that branch from it demarcate circular areas of grass, beyond which a streetcar is visible parked in the driveway that stands in front of the large, three-story, L-shaped hotel. Three spires extend from the roof at the crook of the “L” from which flags wave. A second, equally large building can be seen in the far distance to the right, along with mountains.

©USC Digital Archive

Photograph of horseback riders near the entrance to a bridle path in Beverly Hills, [s.d.]. The dirt path can be seen at right and a large group of horses is visible on the path. The horses are divided into two columns and are being ridden by an assortment of men and women in riding clothes. A large wooden sign is visible over the entrance to the trail and it reads “Ye Bridle Path from Beverly Hills to sea and mountains”. Palm trees and buildings can be seen on a hill in the background at left, and a low building with a sign that reads “Beverly Hills Hotel” can be seen at the base of the hill.

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  1. Joan says:

    wow, pretty amazing to see what Beverly Hills used to look like. great photos.

  2. I just had to post to say how much I love your site, keep up the good work.

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