IMAGERY – Fishing in Azusa, October 1930

I really love these photos. Click on the images for a larger view.

Photograph of Jewell Teegardin fishing on a rock above the falls and Beatrice Williams fishing in the foreground, Rainbow Angling Club, Azusa, October 1930. Both women can be seen wearing knee-high laced-up boots, breeches, and sleeveless collared shirts. They hold fishing poles and have baskets slung over their shoulders.


Fishing in Azusa

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9 Responses to “IMAGERY – Fishing in Azusa, October 1930”

  1. Kim S. says:

    So, does this place still exist? I did a quick google search and only photos turned up. If not, what has it become?

    Great post, btw.

    • lynnster says:

      Here’s the information I found, from this book:

      “Rainbow Angling Club – Construction began in 1929 (Seems to me that’s a typ-o and it should’ve said 1919) at the end of Tenth Street and Pasadena Avenue. With a grand opening in March 1920, the Rainbow Angling Club offered peace and serenity for those who enjoyed fishing for trout. It was owned and operated by a Mr. Garnsey. The lake was located on the former site of the Azusa Ice Manufacturing Plant.”

    • lynnster says:

      Wow, huh, it might be! I didn’t scroll to the side of the map, good eye! I wonder what’s there. Anyone here live near Azusa?

      • Kimberly says:

        That would be it. I live about three blocks from it. If only it looked now as it did then. There are a bunch of houses. It’s basically suburbia.

  2. Leonard says:

    My friends and I used to awim in the vacant ruins durring the mid to late sixties. The closest you can get now is the front of the condos built alont the south side. You can still see the body of water in Google images. We had good times at Happy Jacks as well.

  3. Shirley Muse says:

    These are wonderful pictures. I live at the end of the lake where you see the deck and patio. There was a restaurant and ballroom in the 50’s and 60’s where there was dancing on Sat. nite and many proms were held here, I’m told. I’ve been here in the condos for 20 years. It’s very beautiful, still.

  4. Jack says:

    Shirley, as you know Jack`s band played there for some of the dances

  5. sumer says:

    i live here now…still beautiful quaint and quiet.

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