IMAGERY – Traffic on the Cahuenga Pass, 1897

Welcome to the original 101 Freeway.

Photograph of two cyclists on the Cahuenga Pass, Los Angeles, circa 1897. The man to the right walks his bicycle on the unpaved road, looking at his companion riding to the left, on whose back is strapped a briefcase of some kind. The terrain surrounding them is comprised entirely of grassy hills. Caption on photoprint reads: “Cahuenga Pass — connecting Hollywood and San Fernando Valley — as it was in 1897.”

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©USC Digital Archive

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4 Responses to “IMAGERY – Traffic on the Cahuenga Pass, 1897”

  1. Michael Cahn says:

    this is clearly a tandem, with two riders

  2. Bernadette says:

    So that would be the original car pool……

  3. SouTHCoaster says:

    i just drove home through that pass. i bet with all the traffic that i sat in those dudes probably beat me home…

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