IMAGERY – Barbecuing in Montrose, Feb. 22, 1913


©USC Digital Library

Photograph(s) of an aerial view of a promotional land sale barbeque in Montrose near Glendale, February 22, 1913. A group of automobiles and horse-drawn carriages are parked at the center of a clearing, while pedestrians walk around towards the barbeque tables pictured in the left distance where a small shack can be seen to the side of a dirt road, and in the right foreground, surrounded by temporary fence. A road lined by utility poles curves behind the gathering from the left of the frame towards the mountains in the background, with an even smaller second shack stands near piles of gravel. A sign near the dirt road reads “Montrose Holmes-Walton Realtor Co.”

Images ©USC Digital Library

©USC Digital Library

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2 Responses to “IMAGERY – Barbecuing in Montrose, Feb. 22, 1913”

  1. Cat M says:

    This is facing North, and if memory serves, that sweeping curve street to the left is where Montrose meets Honolulu Blvd. The barbecue is taking place where Divina Cucina is now. The streets have been tinkered with over the years, but one of the oldest buildings (The one that holds the Slender Sweet Shoppe now and used to be Montrose Travel in the 80s) still holds the original curve of the street.

  2. Nikko says:

    Unreal! So flat. Wonder how it will look 80-90 years from?

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