(July 11, 1927 – May 5, 2007)

Our HOT ANGELENO OF THE DAY found his true calling by first taking inspiration from his electrical engineer father. Young Ted Maiman repaired and refurbished household appliances in order to save up enough money to put himself through college. COOL, DUDE! Oh, but that’s not the part that leaves us weak in the knees… our love was sealed when a mere five years after earning his doctorate at Stanford, while working as a Junior Engineer at Hughes in Malibu, Teddy created the first machine that would actively amplify light waves of atoms that had been stimulated to radiate, and then shoot them out as narrow, intense beams of light! WOO HOO! In other words… Ted won a world-wide race of scientific engineering by CONSTRUCTING THE WORLD’S FIRST WORKING LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) DESPITE LACK OF SUPPORT AND A LAUGHABLE $50,000 BUDGET.

HUBBA HUBBA!!! Is it laser hot in here or is it just Ted!??? Yep, I’m thinkin’ it’s Ted!

“In 1960, the race to build the first laser was red hot. Bell Labs’ Arthur L. Schawlow and Charles H. Townes had, two years previously, published their theoretical paper, “Infrared and optical lasers,” but no one had yet built a working model. A number of large research labs and companies were throwing enormous sums of money at the project, but to no avail; many scientists were beginning to think coherent light was an impossibility.

At Hughes Aircraft, a junior employee named Theodore H. “Ted” Maiman was just one more competitor eager to create the elusive device. Despite a paltry budget and the most important scientists of the day ridiculing his ideas, he would stun the world by creating the world’s first laser out of a discredited material — ruby — on 16 May 1960.”

As usual, no word on if he had rock hard abs… but thanks in no small part to Ted Maiman’s feats of ingenuity, not only can Lindsay Lohan fix her sun-damaged skin and whiten her teeth instantly… Ted’s invention also makes it possible for Fred Segal’s to quickly read a barcode and charge her $120 for a hideous set of leggings that shouldn’t be worn as pants! Thank you, Mr. Maiman!

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