HLA PICK – Sweet Jazz & Ginger Cocktails

UPDATE: As of January 18, 2010 Betty Bryant’s show at Street is on hiatus. :(

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Betty Bryant and Ginger Cocktails at Feniger’s Street

What: Your own private jazz concert… featuring Betty Bryant singing her heart out
Where: Feniger’s Street, 742 Highland Avenue, Hollywood (323) 461-7813
When: Thursdays 7:15-11 pm and Sundays 6:15-10pm

Some of the best secrets in this town are hidden in full view. You may not have seen the wonderful jazz pianist and vocalist Betty Bryant but if you’ve eaten at the new hotspot Street in Hollywood she just might have seen you. A long-time fan, when chef Susan Feniger took over the old Highland Grounds location, she had her architect create an upstairs nook with the specific purpose of giving Betty a place to play and sing her heart out to the diners below… and that’s exactly what she does every Thursday and Sunday night. Accompanied by long-time bass player Tom Gargano, Betty seranades the dining masses below from her own private catbird seat above them. The secret is this: few diners wonder where the music’s coming from so they’re missing out on where the real fun is.

If you climb the big stairway that faces the front door and then take a sharp left, you’ll soon find yourself in your own private old school jazz club. There’s no cover charge to sit in Betty’s candle-lit little nook… she thrives on the company and would love to see you there. The vibe couldn’t be more intimate, and as your problems melt away while she sings to you, there’s table service so you can feel free to enjoy any drink or plate on the menu. Personally, I am SERIOUSLY addicted to the Canton Ginger Kick cocktail. I can honestly say it’s the only drink I’ve ever decided was truly worth $16… I actually go there just for it. Feniger created the drink in hopes of it becoming a known cocktail, and if it isn’t on its way it should be.

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