HELP! – Zoe Needs New Ears

This is conceptual art. We call it: photo "Wiener With Wiener."

This is a Conceptual Art piece we call Wiener With Wiener No, it is not for sale.

As most of you know, HiddenLA has been a labor of pure love for me so far… which is a *great* thing in many ways, but admittedly kinda stinks when you take your little dog to the vet and realize that she has yet another raging and horribly painful ear infection that’s going to cost $200 you don’t have. Ouch. Sometimes income *is* handy after all! Huh.

Having a sick pet is tough… when you spend money you don’t have, you’re irresponsible. But if you allow an adorable, beloved little creature to suffer, you’re worse. No great options in that situation, really. So moral of the story… my sweet little puppy’s going to be fine, but my bank account just had some unexpected surgery.

I know a lot of you have purse strings just as tight as mine so you can relate. If you feel like helping poor little Zoe on her road back to health, I’ve set up a little “Zoe Ear Fund” below. (Fact is, my mom always taught me that it never hurts to ask, so I’m just listening to her for a change.) These funds will ONLY go to fixing her ears, not one dime will be diverted to my ginger cocktail addiction or tickets to see Pee Wee Herman. I promise. Down the road I’ll be working on monetizing this site so such blatant fundraising efforts will evaporate, but in the meantime a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Begging aside, to the right I’ve posted a little art photography project we did together about six months ago for your viewing pleasure. Zoe hopes you like it, and she would like me to express that – ear aside – she deserves donations just for going through the humiliation of sitting still for a long time with a hot dog on her head. I can’t disagree, really.

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4 Responses to “HELP! – Zoe Needs New Ears”

  1. Diana B says:

    Having spent a small fortune trying to keep my last dog alive (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) and having just adopted a half-blind one with her own health issues, I’m sorry not to be able to help you monetarily with Zoe, who looks perfectly adorable. However, as a person with serial Cocker Spaniels, notorious for ear problems, I do have a suggestion. Get some Epi-Otic, a prescription ear cleaner for animals, from your vet, squirt a bunch of it in each ear weekly, and swab with cotton balls or gauze pads until the ear is sparkling clean. Follow with treats to ensure Zoe doesn’t run away at the site of the bottle. This will virtually eliminate continued ear infections.

    I wish you luck with your precious fur-girl! (I hope she got the hot-dog in that photo!)

    • lynnster says:

      Thanks to Darryl and Penny for the donations! :)

      Also, thanks for the good wishes, Diana. I’m sorry to hear about your pups. :( I do have that cleaner… I thought I was using it enough but I slacked off a little, thinking her bad infections were behind us. I’m going to have to keep on it.

      Trust me though, the hot dog was devoured about a second after that photo was taken.

  2. Diana B says:

    Yeah, I know about slacking off, but floppy-eared breeds just don’t get enough ventilation in their ears to fend off infection. My prior Cocker’s ears were so bad when I adopted him, because the previous owners had never taken care of them, that I actually had to have his ear canals surgically removed because they were so painful (and don’t even ask what that cost…).

    I’m so glad some people are able to step up to the financial plate for you!

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