GREEN – Surviving Climate Change in LA

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This BBC Hot Cities documentary originally aired in the United Kingdom on December 11th and 12th, 2009. Parts 3-4 are after the jump.

“…The show explores global warming challenges and solutions, comparing and contrasting the situations in Los Angeles and Mumbai (India). Segments in the program feature L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, IoE Director Glen MacDonald, Mumbai Mayor Shubha Raul, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) Rajendra Pachauri and Stanford University Climatologist Steve Schneider.”

The final words of the documentary are these: “This is how we are going to solve climate change tomorrow:  live a little more like a community. Not just within a city, but within a country. Not just within a country, but between continents. It is one home. Just one small blue planet.” Seems to me if more people adopted that attitude it could solve more problems than just global warming…

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2 Responses to “GREEN – Surviving Climate Change in LA”

  1. mb says:

    “Seems to me if more people adopted that attitude it could solve more problems than just global warming…”

    At my daughter’s elementary school a boy stood up at assembly, “I just wish everybody would just pick up after themselves.” He stated it so simply and without emotion, it made the adults laugh. But, really, how true. Kids get it, now the adults have to start setting a better example.

    Be kind to your neighbors, Turn off the lights, clean up after yourself. I don’t think it is a whole lot more complicated than that.

  2. Green Girl says:

    Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too.

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