Oktoberfest WINNERS!!!

WE HAVE OUR FOUR WINNERS! Mitch Viner, Pamela Duell, Andy Ziskin and Shuly Hirsch will be heading downtown to Oktoberfest next month!!! Ausgezeichnet!


Thought I forgot aboutcha, didn’t ya? NEVER! Although my posts have dwindled due to my selfish need for actual paying income, HiddenLA is still going strong — especially on Facebook. (800+ fans in three months? Woo hoo!) There are a lot of irons are in the fire for the future of this site… but as there’s lots of stuff to see already, I hope you will take this opportunity to explore the goodness that’s already here.

Doing rushed posts just to fill up web space wouldn’t benefit anyone… but I’ll tell you what WILL benefit people… to reward you for the continued support, today we’re having a special ticket giveaway at the end of this post! YAY!!!


oktoberfestIf you know nothing about Oktoberfest… well, trust me when I say few cultures surpass Deutschland when it comes to organized traditions of bonding with strangers over consumption of beer. Your college roommates included.

Here’s the deal… on October 12, 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig (later known as King Ludwig I) of Germany married the Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The people of Munich were all invited to gather on the fields around the gates of the city to join in the royal festivities (the fields were later renamed in Therese’s honor). The next year, the festival was repeated. At first it wasn’t a major festival… there was an agricultural show, some horse races, some fair rides… oh, and a few beer stands. As the festival grew every year, the beer stands multiplied like rabbits and by 1896 the beer stands were replaced with beer tents and halls that were funded by the local breweries. Parades, marksmanship competitions and chariot races were also added. As of 2009, the Munich Oktoberfest is said to be the largest festival on Earth, and is definitely the world’s largest celebration of all things beer. What was originally a day-long festival now span entire weeks… generally beginning in the third weekend in September and ends the first sunday of October.

Since there’s no denying the Oktoberfest folks look like they’re having a good time, around the world people now host their own local versions and Los Angeles is no exception. There are three main Oktoberfest celebrations happening this year (there’s also one in Anaheim), each with its own unique personality. After the jump, where they are AND a contest for FREEEEE tickets!!!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvOQk1bbGtE[/youtube] WHERE: Old World Restaurant (Warning: Chicken dance music!!!) in Huntington Beach

WHEN: Sept. 6 – Nov. 1st

PRICES: (The beer isn’t free, folks. Sorry.) Wed – Thur 7pm – 10pm Free Admission; Friday before 6pm Free Admission; Sat 6:30pm – 1am $15 Admission; Sunday 2pm – 7:30pm $5 Admission

UNIQUE FEATURES: Festivities include dachshund races and beer pong.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Io4yZYn1hs[/youtube]WHERE: Alpine Village in Torrance

WHEN: Sept. 12 – Oct. 25th, Wed. – Sun.

BIERGARTEN PRICES: (Beer not included.) Fri – 6:30pm-1am (21+) $8 Admission; Sat – 6pm-1am (21+) $8 Admission; Sun – Noon-8pm (Family Day) $5 Admission, Children under 12 free with adult.

UNIQUE FEATURES: More competitive wood sawing, stein holding, cow milking and chicken dancing than you can shake a bratwurst at.

Oktoberfest Los Angeles

WHERE: The First Annual LA Oktoberfest (Mute your sound. You’ll thank me later.) at the LA Mart

WHEN: ONE DAY: Oct. 10, 1-6pm

PRICE: General $15 / VIP $100

UNIQUE FEATURES: An entirely Green-Certified charity event benefiting *very* worthy local charities – Ketchum YMCAMake A Wish LA and Homeboy Industries – with an apparent focus on “buxom beer maidens.”

This event will also offer wine for those who aren’t into beer. The FIRST FOUR PEOPLE to send us an e-mail correctly naming the official “Master Sommelier” of the LA Oktoberfest will win one* general admission ticket to the event, which will include one liter of beer and a free souvenir glass. PROST!!!

*As this is a charity event, instead of giving away pairs we’re going to give away single tickets so that you can drag your friends there to help them raise funds. Winners will be announced on Friday. Tickets will be left at will call.

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