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I remember loving the movie the Bad News Bears as a kid. Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal? Little league put to the music of fiery Carmen? Pure gold! (What I definitely *didn’t* remember was that the trailer FEATURED THE N WORD!!!! Wait, really??? Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.)

BNBBut I digress. Here’s something else you might not expect. While the original Bad News Bears movie (the remake doesn’t count) was filmed at Marsh Park in Chatsworth, there’s a baseball diamond hovering next to the 405 on Sepulveda, just North of Wilshire, which is officially NAMED The Bad News Bears Field. This field wasn’t in the movie, so why would it be named after it? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, here’s the answer:

“The original “Bad News Bears” (the movie) was filmed in Chatsworth at Mason Park, but the Bad News Bears Field in Westwood has just as legitimate a connection to those foulmouthed tykes. It was here in 1958 that Burt Lancaster signed up his son Billy for Little League (his team: the Giants) and Bill Lancaster would later draw from those experiences for the screenplay that inspired the original movie, two sequels, a TV series, and Hollywood remake. After Bill Lancaster died a decade ago, his friends persuaded Parks and Recreation to rename the baseball diamond after his creation.”

Not everyone thinks that was such a good idea, however…

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2 Responses to “LOCATION – Bad News Bears Field”

  1. Mel Caylo says:

    Thanks for the clarification! I love the first “Bad News Bears” film, so when I drove past The Bad News Bears Field I automatically assumed it was where the movie was filmed. After driving past it several more times, I didn’t recognize any of it so I wondered why it was named after the movie. Now I know!

  2. John says:

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