FLASHBACK – A Day with The Doors

The following video “tells the story of Gary and Henry, two wild and crazy guys from the 60’s who designed albums covers for some of the biggest names in Rock and Roll… Gary and Henry discuss (with Ray Manzarek) how they came up with the infamous MORRISON HOTEL cover. They revisit the old hotel in downtown Los Angeles where they took the now classic shots of the doors in the hotel window. What’s amazing about this story is how different the world was back then. You can imagine today, taking a major rock and roll band to hotel with no advance notice and asking, “Hey mind if we take a few pictures?” Today, it would take months to set up the shoot and it would include bus loads of advertising people, reps from the record company, legal observers, and many many assistants. Ad to this, a full catering truck and security and you get the picture!”

See what The Morrison Hotel looks like today after the jump. Let’s just say I doubt you’ll be rushing there to book a room.

morrison hotel Other view

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2 Responses to “FLASHBACK – A Day with The Doors”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Great stuff! These sorts of stories help to remind us that this city, that so easily alienates and frustrates, contains within the folds of its history some compelling and rich treasures.

  2. frankie says:

    Sad to see how decrepit this place has become. My business is a couple blocks from this building. A German tourist came in once and ask where the Morrison Hotel was, so I pointed him in the right direction. I am sure it was a disappointment for him to see this place in all its shambles.

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