FLASHBACK – Why do people work?

I’m baaaack! As mentioned, I’ve been working a lot this week… provided the economy’s treating you all right, perhaps you’ve been working hard too! Aren’t we all glad it’s Friday? Yay Friday! As a tribute to our hard work this week, below is a groovy little glimpse into the lives of hardworking Angelenos back in glamorous 1973. People in the 1970s liked Fridays too, I’ll bet.

After the jump, a special little treat to accompany this film. 

[veoh width=”590″ height=”430″]http://www.veoh.com/collection/ephemeralfilms/watch/v6407079gR4c6zQ4[/veoh]


[youtube width=”590″ height=”420″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMNuulGNZvY[/youtube]

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