Fasten your seat belts… we’re baaaack!

Hey there HLAers!

As many of you know, Hidden Los Angeles started out as a blog in 2009 and went viral on Facebook in 2010. Our website was very active, with thousands of posts… and then, *POOF*. We lost six years of work due to a perfect storm of technical issues during a server transfer in late 2016… and our backups were corrupt. Absolutely devastated by the losses, we decided maybe the universe was telling us to just let the blog go dark for a while as we continued to focus on our 500K+ combined Facebook and Twitter followers as well as our other “real world” projects (starting the city’s first Tour Guide Association, for one!).

We didn’t always miss doing the blog… it was a LOT of work to create. But… sometimes we really missed doing the deep investigations and writing we used to do. Also, like many of you, we have sat by and watched the struggles of LAist, LA Weekly, L.A. Times with dismay… and gradually we realized that there’s a shortage of authentic Los Angeles voices right now. So we dusted off the old blog and tried to see if we could start her up. And here she is.

Yes, the ol’ girl needs updating to 2018 standards and we’ll get there… but not overnight, so we appreciate your patience. HiddenLA has always been a marathon and not a sprint. So for now, you get Hidden Los Angeles 2.0. but stick with us and we’ll be making changes over time… we PROMISE.

Please keep checking back. We have some fun stuff coming up… the sixth anniversary of Caine’s Arcade and a behind-the-scenes study of the Zsa Zsa Gabor estate sale for example. We’re going to try to give you the things that made you all HiddenLAers in the first place.

As always, without you… we wouldn’t be here. And we’re grateful! So, let’s get out there and have some new adventures!

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