einsteinAll last week I was racking my poor little head brainstorming how to list upcoming Los Angeles events in a way that would be easy to maintain for me and as useful and user-friendly as possible for you.

Speaking for myself, sometimes time flies by too fast… I see so many great events online that I really want to check out and promptly forget about until the day after they’re over. Or there will be a repeat event and I’ll forget whether it’s the third or the fourth Wednesday. Or I’ll have a night free and toy with the idea of doing a google search to find out what’s happening outside of my apartment but out of laziness will just end up just sitting in front of the tv watching reruns of Monk I’ve already seen instead.

So with my own lameness/laziness in mind, I think I’ve come up with a great solution that makes HiddenLA’s Event Listing easy, convenient and more inspiring to use. You’ll have to let me know what you think. I’m pretty happy with it. Check out a full explanation of the cool new interactive features after the jump.

Just one little request… if you appreciate the resource I’ve created for you, it would rock my world if you would please take a moment to throw a coupla bucks into my Ginger Cocktail Fund so I can go out tonight and toast myself for workin’ my butt off trying to create something you’d like. ‘Cuz I really did! :)

Here’s the deal… on every HiddenLA inside page, you’ll see a link in the sidebar that looks like this:


Now, when you click on that, you’ll go to a page with an embedded google calendar. I tried various other options, but after quite a bit of experimentation I decided that this seemed to have the best options to make it something lazy people like me would want to use. Here are the cool features:

  • Things are listed in agenda form, so whatever’s happening today will be on the top and then the list will scroll down chronologically.

  • If you click on the different views, you can also view the events on a calendar grid, by week or by month. Whatever you like.

  • BEST OF ALL… if you create a google calendar of your own, you can add any event on our listing to YOUR calendar with a click. And if you like, google will even send you a reminder e-mail about the events so you don’t miss them.

  • And as if that’s not enough… our new event calendar also dices onions and is easy to clean! You don’t want bacteria in your event calendar, do you? OF COURSE NOT.

Mind you, you’re still totally allowed to sit home and watch Monk reruns once in a while. But if you actually want to get off your lazy ass (or just have a break from the kids) and instill a bit of new life experience and fun into your week? You really should!

We *ALL* should. :)

Feel free to send e-mail tips on events you feel might be good to add to the calendar. E-mail link is above, under contacts.

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