EXPLORE – LA’s Abandoned Zoo

zoo sign

In the heart of Griffith Park lies a ghost zoo, built in 1912 and abandoned in 1965. You can still visit it, but you’ll have to bring your own animals. A breakdown of the old zoo’s story can be found here.

[vimeo width=”590″ height=”420″]http://vimeo.com/2201258[/vimeo]

WARNING: For those of you viewing this from other countries… if you don’t speak English as a first language you might struggle at first to understand the narration in the above video, mainly because it’s true that many of us speak very fast and slur our words together here in Los Angeles and this narrator is no different. (Take a breath, man!) Honestly I’m known to turn five words into one on a regular basis myself, though, which can lose people who aren’t used to hearing it. It’s a great video, though. :)

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