COVET THIS – 20th Century Props Auction

*To launch a captioned photo gallery of crazy stuff, click on the little image below labeled LOT #4030*

austinpowerscapsuleSigh. After over 40 years in business, Harvey Schwartz, owner of Twentieth Century Props, will be closing shop and putting 113,000 square feet of tangible movie history up for auction from July 28 to August 1.

Cool Movie Props YOU Can Own!!!

This closing is incredibly sad to see on many many levels, but you *know* you want to sit in Dr. Evil’s pod (aka LOT #504) while you’re watching television. So because I’m nice, I took a moment to go through the online catalog and pull out a few things you might not even realize you need, BUT DO. You’re welcome. Just click on the beer keg at left.

You can also inspect the merchandise in person at 11651 Hart Street in North Hollywood through Monday (9am-4pm) and after 8am on the mornings of the sale.

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2 Responses to “COVET THIS – 20th Century Props Auction”

  1. dorvin piombino says:

    how can i buy one of the telephone booths. saw the action on the news. can’t make to La.

    • lynnster says:

      If you go to this page, it looks like you can register for the webcast auction and bid online for things. No idea when the telephone booths are on the block, you’ll have to check that out after you register I guess…

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