Be Mine, LA – A Valentine’s Cupcake From Us!

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cupcakeWith this site going from 3,000 Facebook fans to now over 100,000 in a matter of days… I can honestly say I’ve never felt so much Valentine’s Day love flowing through this city my life. It suddenly hit me this morning… OUR HIDDEN LOS ANGELES FRIENDS COULDN’T FIT IN THE ROSE BOWL. Yeah, that was about when I had a nervous breakdown, and wished I would get off my butt to get all of you to give me a dollar. :)

Anyhoo, in honor of Valentine’s Day and as a very sincere thank you to our local fans in particular for their support, the very fabulous Vincent at the (very hidden!) Bluebird Cafe in Culver City has kindly offered to help us spread a little love your way. During the rest of February, if you walk into the Bluebird Cafe and tell Vincent that HiddenLA sent you, he’ll give you a free cupcake. Naturally I hope you’ll stay and have other food and maybe a glass of wine or something, but either way. Free cupcake. From us. Try the red velvet.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Los Angeles!!! WE LOVE YOU! :D


The Bluebird Cafe is Open Monday through Friday from 11am-4pm. Their hours are short because the area they’re located is deserted on the weekends. They’re giving it a try though and are having a grand opening of their brand new Mexican cafe in the same space on the weekends! Pajaro Azul Mexican Cafe will be open on the weekends for lunch and dinner from 12 noon-9pm.

LOCATION: 8572 National Blvd, Culver City, Ca 90232 (310) 841-0939

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17 Responses to “Be Mine, LA – A Valentine’s Cupcake From Us!”

  1. Julie Fageaux says:

    Yummy, thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Niki says:

    Actually I live in Dallas, but I’ve spent a lot of time in LA, and I love the history there. It pisses me off when they ruin something historical. Like the Ambassador hotel.

  3. Matt says:

    These are the best cupcakes!

  4. Marilynn says:

    We love it! Here’s an updated version of I Love L.A. done Rocky Horror style in honor of the upcoming convention in September –

  5. Chad says:

    Awesome, as a culver city resident of 4 years i am stoked to hear their support! I have always wanted to check out bluebird cafe, and now i will for sure…

    also…any “hidden” finds you can make in culver city, i would be most grateful :)

  6. Lisa says:

    So cool…love this!

  7. Vasu says:

    Why not? I live a few blocks from here, so I’ll stop by!

  8. Jenny says:

    suh-weeeet! now, if I show up w/ 5 of my closest friends/co-workers…do we all get one? :D

  9. Miranda says:

    This is fantastic! I’m supposed to be on the caveman diet – cavemen ate cupcakes, right?

  10. Nazareth says:

    If you happen to find yourself in the area on a Saturday or Sunday, stop by for some free sangria and an all Mexican menu, which is also great.

  11. Trae says:

    Hidden LA – I love you back! I’m one of your new Facebook fans and this sweet Valentine rocks.

    I visited on Wednesday. No time to eat lunch, but I didn’t want to grab a free cupcake and run. I ordered a couple, figuring I’d pay for the extra one. The lady behind the counter looked a little irritated when I told her Hidden LA sent me, but she gave them both to me for free.

    Well, the red velvet was good, but I think the coconut was better! Thanks again Hidden LA!

  12. Heather says:

    I am a new fan of Hidden LA, and went this week to the Bluebird Cafe. I bought a full lunch for myself and my friend, and mentioned at the start that “Hidden LA sent me” and I was excited to collect 1 free cupcake.
    Everything about the service was fine, and we got our cupcake at the end, but the waitress (despite understanding first conversation) charged us for it. I had to go and have her adjust the bill before I paid, which she did grudgingly.
    I did go back yesterday and bought some cupcakes for husband and daughter, but it’s too bad the Bluebird Cafe is not participating more graciously – if they had I think I’d be a more regular customer.

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