AWESOME – Frasier the Sensuous Lion

People often ask me how I choose the subjects of my posts. It’s a tough question to answer… often I’ll start working on a post, only to find that by following random links I’m led completely off topic to discover something that’s much more interesting than the original article I had in mind. This is one of those times. So, for the curious, here’s how this post happened: while doing research for a future article on the old Marineland, childhood memories of long-gone Lion Country Safari (1970-1984) distracted me. The quick google search that followed led me to the story of Frasier the Sensuous Lion, shown in all of his sexy glory below.

Frasier the Lion

It was this paragraph on the Yesterland website that jumped out at me: Frasier movie poster

“Lion Country Safari was given a big boost by an unlikely star attraction. An elderly, nearly toothless lion named Frasier came from a Mexican circus in February 1971. The old cat’s tongue dangled from one side of his mouth, and he had trouble walking. He may not have been much to look at as far as we humans were concerned, but the lionesses saw him differently. There was population boom of lion cubs at the park. Frasier’s sorry visage adorned tee-shirts and other park souvenirs. Frasier sired 35 cubs until his death in June 1972 at 17-20 years of age, equivalent to a human age of 85-100 years. Frasier even inspired a 1973 feature movie, Frasier the Sensuous Lion, rated PG.” (See creepy poster at right)

Vaguely remembering this funny looking lion from my childhood, I had an instant urge to find out more about Frasier. Imagine my surprise when I found out his active sex life had actually gained enough notoriety for the late jazz greats Jimmy Rowles, Johnny Mercer, and Sarah Vaughan to create a song documenting it (video and full lyrics after the jump).

Go Frasier!

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Frasier was an aging lion
living in a cage of iron
in a circus out of Tijuana

Frasier was their big attraction
and he gave them satisfaction
doing it with talent and with honor

Growling for his daily dinner
Frasier kept on getting thinner
with each measly can of spam or tuna

Times were lean but he was leaner
so one night in Pasadena
through the bars he split for South Laguna

Oh cruel is fate but it’s never too late said Frasier
I’m ninety one and I haven’t a son thought Frasier
The blue-eyed truth is I’m ready for euthanasia
Though matted and tarry, a local safari, rescued poor old Frasier

First they combed his tangled tresses
housed him with the lionesses
thinking him a harmless old grandpapa

Fed him niacin and fluoride
B1 2 6 12 and chloride
clams, cod liver oil, cobalt and copper

Younger studs brought in for breeding
wound up beaten, bruised and bleeding
every dawn the same thing kept occurring

Stretched out in an old serapi
there lay Frasier tired but happy
all his ladies on the nest and purring

Oh cruel is fate but it’s never too late said Frasier
Announce the feast, I’m the king of the beasts yawned Frasier
But king or not, I’m certainly hot said Frasier
And when you’re hot and hitting the spot
the action will amaze ya

Children by his wives eleven
added up to fifty seven
such nocturnal bliss he must’ve tasted

For no matter what the night time
any night time feels the right time
day time found him fast asleep just wasted

When the circus owner found him
brought a lawsuit to impound him
claiming you cats have to go where we go

Frasier said hasta la vista!
You think all these girls my sistah?
I’m in business for myself, Amigo!

Oh cruel is fate but it’s never too late said Frasier
I thank my stars I’m not behind bars thought Frasier
They pay to see what comes naturally in Asia
No African cat ever had it like that
and kept it up like Frasier

He’s up above dear Frasier
Raising cubs old Frasier
Bless his heart dear Frasier…

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7 Responses to “AWESOME – Frasier the Sensuous Lion”

  1. leendadll says:

    I remember Frasier well. Also remember that he was buried on the hilltop above the park with a HUGE white cross marking the spot (because he was well loved). But people protested and the cross was eventually removed. That area is now Quail Hill, Verizon Amphitheater and Wild Rivers Water park. I have no idea whether Frasier’s remains are still there.

    I also have fond memories of watching an elephant get its tusks stuck in a car’s wheel well and violently shaking the car in an attempt to free itself (fond memory because it wasn’t our car). Also of seeing a lioness sit on a car roof and watching it dent from the weight. Other than the zebra-striped ranger jeeps, and their bb-guns (to get animals to move), I don’t remember anything else.

  2. betty t says:

    I sadly remember the last days of Lion Country Safari….
    When Bubbles the Hippo escaped and went on a rampage and they shot and killed her.
    That was one of the saddest days of my life.

  3. betty t says:

    maybe not the last days of the park, but we never went there again, so it was the end for me.

  4. jj says:

    Awww… when I was a kid we had a cat named Frasier, after the lion. I had no idea he was such a stud, but he was a great little kitty. RIP both Frasiers.

  5. HomelessRob says:

    What’s at the old Lion Country Safari grounds now?

    • Dave Tucker says:

      That would be Verizon Amphitheatre, Formerly Irvine Meadows. Just part of Lion Country is used for that. There are basball fields and the short term is condos going in. The amphithatre will be re-located to the Great Park across the freeway at the old El Toro Base. I use to work there. Bubbles got loose on 3 occasions and went over the hill to the lakes on Laguna canyon. They were trying to capture her for the third time with a tranqualizer dart and she went back in the water and drowned. The chief ranger miscaculated.

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