AMEN! – Let There Be Pumpkin Bread


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Monastery of the Angels

“Faint angel whispers in the breeze
in roses,
in pumpkin bread,
The best kept secret in Hollywood
tucked in folded hands,
behind eyelids,
and closed corridors…”

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The other day, I was telling my landlady how much I’ve been enjoying discovering so many unique new things about this city I thought I knew. In response, the following sentence came out of her mouth: “Oh, like the nuns who bake pumpkin bread?” The heavens opened up as the words hit my ears.

Wait a minute. Pumpkin bread? Nuns? OH MY. I once smuggled a suitcase full of Austrian monastery schnapps through customs by hiding hand-blown liquor bottles in socks… I have a strange weakness for edibles and drinkables made by clergy members. “Somewhere in Los Angeles there is holy pumpkin bread that I knew nothing about. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TO THIS PLACE?” I thought to myself… “I must find it. NOW!”

THE MONASTERY OF THE ANGELS is actually located just a few blocks from the Franklin exit on 101, and not only does the holy pumpkin bread exist (they’ve been perfecting their recipe for around 20 years), it’s joined by chocolates and a vast array of other little crafty projects that the nuns create to raise funds so they can survive. Mind you, the bread isn’t cheap – their prices were recently raised to nine dollars a loaf – but it’s all for a good cause and I’ve been told that even if you take their recipe and make it yourself, it just won’t be as tasty. I’m sitting here with a piece right now and I can tell you… IT’S GOOD. Very dense, very moist, very rich.

I’m just praying I don’t eat the whole loaf by tomorrow…

What: Monastery of the Angels Gift Shop
Where: 1977 Carmen Ave, Hollywood Hills (323) 466-2186 Ext. 17
When: Monday through Saturday, 8:30am-5pm
Price: Pumpkin bread is $9 a loaf. Other items vary in price.

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