ADVENTURE – The Giving Tree

Fellow HLA Facebook fan Taylor says she has a fun little treat for you twirling canyon explorers out there…



  1. Off of Franklin turn left on Canyon Rd. or right depending on which way you come from….
  2. Follow Canyon Rd. until you reach the gates to Griffith Park. Keep driving until you can’t drive any further…
  3. Start walking the trail…
  4. You are on the right track when you pass the dragon on the right. Kudos to the artist…
  5. Keep on past the potential kickball field on the right…
  6. Ahead you will see a small brook…I don’t recommend drinking the water.
  7. Follow the path as it winds around…if you look up you will see the Hollywood sign…admire.
  8. Keep walking but go slow because the view is quite pretty.
  9. The trail seems open at this point but keep going… just as you go around another corner on the right, on the side of the cliffs edge you will see a tree…the branches are overgrown and touch the trails path. Look for the red box and you have reached “The Giving Tree”…
  10. Give it your thoughts and prayers or anything laying heavy on your heart. Then twirl… Peace and Love! Taylor ;-)

Just remember… the joy is in the journey, not the destination. We haven’t followed the directions to find the box ourselves, so please let us know what you find if you do! (And whatever you do, *please* don’t litter along the way.)

Happy Saturday, folks!

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9 Responses to “ADVENTURE – The Giving Tree”

  1. Debbye says:

    Thank you for your postings of the best way to get around LA — These little known opportunities for experience in the city are hidden treasures. I enjoy your blog….

  2. adrianne says:

    I went today and loved it! The Giving Tree is such a sweet thing.
    Oh, and it’s Canyon Drive (not Canyon Road) off of Franklin. One block east of Bronson.
    : )

    • Jana Cochrane says:

      Hi Adrianne,

      Thank you for visiting “The Giving Tree” and telling me about your pilgrimage and journey.


  3. […] enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles weather and go on an adventure. She had read about something called The Giving Tree (inspired by Shel Silverstein’s brilliant book) nearby, so we fueled up and headed […]

  4. Robin says:

    Anyone have any pictures to post of this tree and area?

  5. Billy says:

    My girlfriend is going to freak when I show her this! When she found out I never heard or read ‘The Giving Tree’ as a kid, she rushed out to buy a copy! I can’t wait to impress her with this, thank you Hidden LA!! I owe you one!

  6. Tom says:

    We walk our dog up and down the trail everyday. It is beautiful. If you continue past the Giving Tree to the top of the trail there is a little biddy plaque you can touch that says “You Made It”. And when you touch it — magic happens. You can see all of the LA basin, Long Beach, Catalina — on a clear day it’s breath taking. It’s been our Hollywood Hills secret for a long time. Lots of dogs — no smoking — no cell phones — people actually do pick up their trash and dog litter. Please join us — and please respect out little piece of hidden LA.

  7. Rora says:

    My dogs and I went this weekend – fun, easy trek… I have bad knees, ankles, etc and had no trouble with the hike/walk. Take water if it’s a warm day. The views of the Hollywood Hills down to the city are beautiful. The blue and purple ceanothis are in bloom.

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