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This article in Forbes is one of our favorite pieces of press. It gives a good feel for who we are and what we do.


Los Angeles spans over 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km2), is home to almost ten million people, and is one of the most complex and diverse cities on Earth. There is no way to stereotype a place like that or really understand it in a weekend, a week, or even a year. It’s going to take us a lifetime, and even then we doubt we’ll have it totally mastered.

We disagree with people who say that Los Angeles isn’t a city, that there’s no “there” there (a quote actually coined to describe Oakland). On the contrary, if anything there are TOO MANY “theres” in Los Angeles. This isn’t a city with a center, it’s the sum of its parts: a vast collection of villages, each one with unique offerings. The diverse contents of Los Angeles County are too vast for most people to parse, and it is easier to discount it than explore it. Stereotypes of Los Angeles don’t always add up in reality (Case in point: while movies and television are a landmark business here, only 5% of the county’s work force is employed in entertainment. Most Angelenos are NOT actors… they’re average people doing average jobs, like anywhere else. Otherwise the city wouldn’t function.)

It’s impossible to truly understand what Los Angeles holds unless you are willing to rip off the packaging and look inside of the box. And frankly, LA doesn’t care if you look beyond that packaging or not… but you’ll miss the entire point of the city if you don’t. Let’s put it this way… many people choose to shop in sweet boutique stores where the storefront is pretty and the limited inventory is all beautifully displayed, right? In contrast, Los Angeles is a ginormous, hot mess of a TJ Maxx. From the outside, it may appear to be a big, non-descript building that couldn’t hold much of interest. Walk inside and it may look like a huge pile of stuff that you have to sift through (who even knows what treasure is under there?). It’s hard to know where to start, but next thing you know you’ve found something you don’t know how you lived without, and it wasn’t what you came into the store for at all.

Let’s just say here at HiddenLA we’re treasure hunters. BIG time.

In Los Angeles we are surrounded by AMAZING, unexpected stuff (and if you want to find things to hate, they’re there too). Los Angeles is what you make it and your discoveries are up to you. To view the real, positive heart of this place that so many people consider to be all about superficiality, you simply have to be open and look deeper… beyond the stereotypes.

That’s where HiddenLA comes in… we’re here to help you make friends with this behemoth of a metropolis. We’re here to make this big city smaller… for you.

Thank you for being here and for letting us share our passions with you. :)

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