Hey folks, guess what we *finally* got off our butts and made, after a month of requests?


Wanna try it out and see if it works? That would be fantastic!
Here it is:

If just ten percent of our Facebook fans each gave us just five dollars, we could focus on Hidden Los Angeles full time and hire help while we write articles and plan events… so if over the last month you:

  • Have enjoyed articles on our web site;
  • Have enjoyed our Facebook pages;
  • Would like to read more of our posts in the future;
  • Plan to use our Facebook pages more in the future;
  • Would like us to stay free of icky advertising on both our site and Facebook pages;
  • Would like to see us create new events in the future;
  • Would like to see us create mobile apps in the future;
  • Would like to see our web site and Facebook pages become bigger and better long-term community resources for you in general;
  • or are simply in a friggin’ awesome and generous mood…

… basically, if any of those things apply to you we would be profoundly thankful if you would click on the logo above and help us out. :)

So far our efforts have been completely on top of our day jobs, free to the public and free of all advertising… but it’s awfully tough to pay rent and grow this site by paying with happy thoughts! We’re exhausted and desperately need your help to keep this heartfelt project moving forward now that our plans for it are becoming so much larger.

Stay tuned for updates on some of our future plans very soon!

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